• Workplace Communication can be greatly enhanced by using Digital Signage as a tool to distribute your workplace information.
  • PADS4 Digital Signage Software can be utilised as an information channel for Workplace Communication.
  • You can schedule local and global content. They can share signage space so they can display together.
  • Content can be delivered and contributed on a global and local scale.
  • You can display any content.
  • Different locations can display information for the benefit of the other, and start a two way exchange of relevant information.
  • Global content can be more about corporate policy, news, events, urgent messaging, environmental reminders …………
  • Content locality can be grouped by department, location, building, floor, section…..
  • There is an application for PC devises, other than large screens, that will send information to any selected groups of these devises on the network. This allows for workplace communication to be targeting employees laptops, desktops, tablets. This method can be deployed as notification and as a screensaver.
  • The new PADS4 Digital Signage Solution is the perfect application that can play a leading role in, effective workplace communication.

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