• Sign Design is the starting point for any Digital Signage presentation.
  • Sign Design requires great tools to achieve the full potential of a sophisticated signage system.
  • PADS4 Digital Signage Software has comprehensive, easy to use, tools that enable a dynamic signage system.
  • The Designer application allows you to integrate any content, and any database.
  • You can initiate Live Data presentations from the Designer. Connect any element to a database for control and data entry.
  • The scheduler allows you to distribute your Sign Design and its content, to any number of selected displays on yourDisplay Network.
  • You can create rules around your data to create “reactive” signage. i.e. a database supplies data indicating that a sport event has sold out – the system can be directed to automatically add a sold out banner to the existing presentation.
  • Sign Design with PADS4 Digital Signage Solution is the perfect application for advanced digital signage. Suitable for any market or application. Our Digital Signage expertise will deliver the most cost effective solution.