• Integrating Live Data into Digital Signage is the sign of a sophisticated signage solution.
  • PADS4 Digital Signage Software will integrate any type of database to present Live Data to your Information Display.
  • Live Data means that you have an instant campaign potential targeting a specific audience with latest information or pricing
  • Live Data means you can display scoreboards, booking status, latest news and weather, pricing, critical systems status and alerting, instant campaigns, Calls to Action, urgent messaging, evacuation messaging, live timetables…….
  • You can make your Live Data truly dynamic. Advanced Scheduling is one way but with our data conditional rule element you can control exactly how and why particular data displays within a scheduled presentation. You can align images to display or not with data conditions. By controlling the data you have a responsive Digital Signage System.
  • With the new PADS4 Digital Signage Solution, whatever the usage, market or application you can be sure your Live Data will be reliably displayed. You can connect to your existing data sources or create specific new ones. We can provide services for any option.