• Information Display, with the arrival of Digital Signage, has now become a very sophisticated method of communication.
  • SignIT has advanced Digital Signage Software for your content solution.
  • With our advanced scheduling software you can now target your Information Display to selected audiences, by time and or location, creating true Dayparting capabilities.
  • You can integrate Databases to provide Live Data to your Information Displays. This could include results, stock availablity, live pricing, critical data alerting, event booking status, timetabling with cancellation and up to the minute timeing and much more.
  • SignIT can integrate your existing data or create specific databases for the distribution of your latest details to your Information Displays.
  • The new PADS4 Digital Signage Solution is the perfect application for todays advanced information delivery requirements. Whatever the usage, market or application for information display our expertise will deliver the most cost effective solution.