• PADS4 Digital Signage Display Software is an advanced Digital Signage Solution
  • It will play any content.
  • It will connect to any Database and will display Live Data. Edit the database and the display software changes the display automatically.
  • Database control of content can minimise training for contributors. They use there existing database skills.
  • Advanced dynamic rules create reactive displays e.g. if a product has sold out the system will display a sold out image or text automatically.
  • Advanced scheduling display software means you target selected audiences, any time, any location, creating trueDayparting capabilities.
  • Suitable for any market use – Transport, Education, Retail, Government, Financial, Workplace, Warehouse, Real Estate, Wayfinding, Mining…….
  • Create live campaigns with real-time editing. Send up to the minute information to any screen at any time.
  • The new PADS4 Digital Signage Solution is the perfect application for today’s advanced Display Software requirements. Our Digital Signage expertise will deliver the most cost effective solution.