Getting Started

SignIT offers extensive consultation on your Digital Signage requirements. We can meet on-site, online or simply chat on the phone and go through the possibilities and the potential of Digital Signage to your company. On-site meetings give us the opportunity to see how your business works and what type of displays you require. A full demonstration of PADS Professional will accompany the consultation so you can think how this Digital Signage application can best suit your needs before a subsequent meeting to discuss the next steps and enter the potential design phase. If you download the free 30-day trial beforehand you will gain greater benefit from the consultation and be ahead of the game!

It is important to think about what you feel is the vital data and information you want to display. How often will this change? Do you have staff who can dedicate time to the project? Do you want to outsource the running and management of the service?

In lots of cases, signage fails because people cannot commit time to it. The information becomes stale and the audience tends to ignore the displays as they are not being shown anything new. You need to provide new content regularly especially if displays are in areas that are seen by the same people all the time. Alternatively, if the displays are more “live data” based it’s vital that the data is correct and updated quickly and reliably. We can show how you can achieve this. We can also provide the management and running of the system for you. By working closely we can keep your training requirements to a minimum and keep your displays current optimised and reliable.


  • Project Consultation
  • Software and Hardware options
  • Design Consultation
  • Data Integration
  • Tuition
  • Ongoing Support

We also have a simpler solution for businesses requiring digital signage projects with a lower level of complexity. It includes live data integration but is designed for standard “normal” projects. It’s called iScreen digital signage.

FREE 30 day PADS4 Full Trial.

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