PowerPoint Digital Signage now a Smart PADS4 Integration

PADS4 has now developed PowerPoint Digital Signage a true integration with it’s new native element. This means that you can now drag and drop a presentation file into the Design work-space and you then have full element control of you PowerPoint. When you add interactivity you now have presenter controls for any meeting.

The element provides extra controls that were previously not available as an add-on integration. Like any other element you now have playlist controls, the ability to add dynamic rules based on data conditions and more. The visibility of the PowerPoint can be controlled by the data that is being used as a trigger. For example if it was extremely hot then the presentation about how to deal with excessive heat and the need for regular hydration could be triggered to be displayed by a weather feed. If it was cold then it would not display. Now PowerPoint can be integrated with the full features of PADS4. PowerPoint Digital Signage is now made SMART with PADS4.

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