PADS4ONE – Budget entry level system

PADS4ONE a simple yet highly effective solution for digital signage installations limited to one single instance display for playback of content. Its a standalone system that is not connected to a network like the full PADS4 versions. Perfect for starting off your digital signage project. As an extra bonus it comes at a subsidised price!

By installing PADS Standalone you can design and play presentations on your PC. By connecting a second display you can playback presentations on one display while doing content editing – invisible to the audience – on the other display. You can display the same content to other screens but if you want to display different content then you will need a network version of the software

If you want to control multiple screens or are looking for comprehensive scheduling features PADS4 network is the right solution for you.

Key components

Designer – Viewer – Scheduler


Product highlights

  • Designing presentations with ANY possible content
  • Playback of single instance presentations to display or distributed dispalys
  • Limited scheduling features
  • Extensive support of database connections
  • Ideal entry product for digital signage
  • Subsidised pricing
  • Easy migration to PADS4 Network

FREE 30 day PADS4 Full Trial.

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