End of support for PADS 3.1

Software companies like Net Display Systems (NDS) have to upgrade their products to meet the increasing needs of their clients. Technology changes and new features give new possibilities. New possibilities give a client more value for his investment and brings more competitive advantage for them and for our partners. Also the challenges of stability and security, while projects grow bigger, means we cannot stay behind. We know upgrading takes time and effort and ‘If it is not broken, why fix it’, is an often heard reply. That’s why we try to minimize the number of ‘big’ upgrades. More than 10 years ago, we introduced PADS 3.1. Four years ago we replaced PADS 3.1 with PADS4 and now we have to terminate support on PADS 3.1 as of the end of this year. We therefore strongly advise you to upgrade to PADS4.


Why upgrade to PADS4?


Advantages if you do

  • PADS4 supports Windows 8 and up
  • Fresh and more user friendly interface
  • A huge amount of new data providers
  • New features/functionalities
  • Native apps dedicated to embedded SoC players give you the ability to deploy low cost projects with HTML5 viewer
  • Ongoing support
  • Always the latest version and free upgrades with maintenance contract.

Risks if you don’t

  • New PADS 3.1 licenses will no longer be issued as of 1 January 2017.
  • PADS 3.1 (virtual) keys will not be renewed (yearly) as of 1 January 2017.
  • Replacement of PADS 3.1 keys will not be possible (in case of broken hardware or lost Dongles).
  • Expanding your 3.1 network will not be possible.
  • PADS 3.1 will not be updated anymore.
  • ALL support will completely cease for PADS 3.1 .

Are you thinking of expanding your network?

A PADS 3.1 Upgrade at the same time might even be less expensive!


Has PADS4 been properly tested?

PADS4 was marketed almost four years ago and at the moment we have the same number of viewers active as 3.1 viewers that took us 10 years to build (more than 13.000). Therefor we can say it has been properly tested and runs stable.

Will everything still work the way it used to?

Yes. Of course at first you might have to get used to the new, fresher looking design, user friendly interface and extra data providers to work with. From our experience in the last four years, we can say that this will be no problem

What happens to my PADS 3.1 presentations when I upgrade?

All your PADS 3.1 presentations are easily migrated from 3.1 to 4 without loss of data or design

How much does upgrading cost?

That depends on your current situation and needs. PADS4 costs less than PADS 3.1 and comes standard with a year maintenance for free. In some cases expanding and upgrading at the same time turns out to be less expensive than solely expanding a 3.1 network. If you ask us for a personal quotation we are happy to make it interesting for you.

Will I have a costly upgrade again soon, after this one?

No, PADS4 comes with a maintenance contract for a year or three years. If you extend the contract, you will always have the latest version of PADS4 at your disposal.

Why can you not continue support on both 3.1 and 4?

Much like our product, everyone at NDS has to continue to develop in our fast growing technological market. We expect everybody to stay ahead of the market and not lag behind in order to keep creating new things and guarantee a future for our company and its products. Supporting an outdated system does not match with that view.

What if I have a Dongle and do not want to upgrade?

Upgrading is optional and not compulsory. You can continue to work with your Dongle as you always have without any problems. Just keep in mind that your Dongle will no longer be replaced (if broken or lost).

What if I have a Dongle and do nothing?

Your Dongle will continue to work, even after 31 December 2016.

What if I have a yearly virtual key and do not want to upgrade?

Upgrading is optional and not compulsory. If you have considered the advantages and risks and decide not to upgrade, please contact us if you have a yearly key. We need to transform your current yearly key into a permanent one.

What if I have a yearly virtual key and do nothing?

If you do nothing, your current key will expire 31 December 2016. You will not receive a new key and your current digital signage network will stop running.

PADS 3.1 Upgrade

Upgrade today and get PADS4 to drive your digital signage with a 50% discount!