New Data Provider Features

PADS4 has introduced 2 new exciting features for the data provider system. Now you can join two data sources into a single table and pivot your data table orientation

Join Data Provider

The new Join Data Provider has simplified how users create and display tables of combined data sources. There are no more restrictions from data base sources offered by third parties. Now use two different data sources and let PADS join them together. Because you can join data sources you can apply a single rule to the two data sources. This makes dynamic data much more streamlined and creative

Pivoting your data

There are situations in which you want to use real-time data in your PADS presentation, but the source of the data is exactly opposite to what you need. The rows are offered as columns and the other way around the columns as rows. However, there is no possibility to have the original source adjusted to your requirements. From now on you can simply solve this with PADS4. Quickly switch the rows and columns of your data source, if the orientation is opposite to what you need in PADS.

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