Web based HTML5 Viewer

The web based HTML5 viewer from PADS4 enables presentations to be accessed from a web browser. This provides a potential budget option as no dedicated Media Player is required. You can use any computer or tablet. Smart TVs are also possible and as these get improved so these will be more compatible. The viewer is not a streaming solution but an application that allows for caching. This means you wont get a blank screen if your connection breaks. Also the viewer will display video, data, web content and can be interactive.

“Unlike many other HTML5 digital signage products the PADS HTML5 Viewer is a real application, not a streaming solution”, says CEO Willie-Jan Bons. “This offers PADS users huge benefits”, he continues. “Our new HTML5 Viewer has a big impact on reducing network traffic, and in case of network failures the screen of a PADS HTML Viewer will not switch to a black screen. All content will continue to be displayed as scheduled.”

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