Network Architecture

PADS Server

In this instance the PADS Server machine is also the host for the Agent and Manager Components. This is the most common setup but the remote Designer PC (or another) can also be the host for these components instead

External Data

In this typical setup the external data sources are requested by the PADS Server and then distributed to the required Viewers. This minimizes Network Traffic. The system can be setup so that the Viewers request the data directly.

Remote Designer

This normal PC on the network is remotely able to Design and upload PADS files to the PADS Server. It can also host the Agent and Manager components. Please see the System Requirements for minimum specifications.

Location A

This site has 4 Licensed Viewers. This allows for each Viewer to display different presentations. The network hardware required will be dependent on the type of network engaged but typically will involve a network switch or router.

Location B

This site has 1 Licensed Viewer and another 3 monitors. This setup only allows the 4 screens to display the same presentation. In addition to the required network hardware, video distribution hardware will be required to replicate the signal from the Licensed Viewer. This can be a costly consideration when high resolutions are required to be distributed over significant distances. The greater the required resolution over greater distances can require more expensive distribution hardware.

It should be noted that security issues and risk management issues on the network that the PADS system needs to be installed may well effect the setup parameters. For an example network permissions may not allow the Viewers it’s own client access to some or all external data sources. This would mean that the only setup possible would be using the PADS Server as the sole data requester. Each PADS installation can therefore be a different case depending on network issues.