PADS4 Viewer

PADS4 Viewer – Media Player Software

The PADS4 Viewer is the application that is installed onto the PC (media player) that is connected to your display monitor. It ensures that your Digital Signage content is played perfectly, and at the right place, and at the right moment in time. It ensures that your presentation is played in accordance with your scheduling.

You can control multiple screens and produce video walls. It will display on screens, of any size, and any resolution.

The PADS Viewer allows for inserting real-time content and data. Your presentations can now always display your latest information, and you can create dynamic campaigns around this function. You no longer, for example, need to wait for a graphic designer to create a new image that changes, the date, or the time, or the price, or the status, or the venue, or the availability of your product or message. You can change it LIVE yourself.

PADS4 Viewer Main features

  • Playback application for your scheduled presentations.
  • Real-time insertion of dynamic content and data.
  • Touch Screen compatible.
  • Local caching in the event of network failures. The content will continue to play and will be refreshed on resumption of the network connection.
  • View at real size or resolution independent.
  • Suitable for video walls.


pads designer
pads scheduler
pads server
pads agent
pads desktop

There are 4 main types of Viewer currently available:

XPERT – The fully enabled version with every tool.

XPRESS – Enhanced features are disabled.

BASIC – Only the very basic tools are enabled.

HTML5 – Browser based viewer, cross platform

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