PADS4 Server

PADS4 Server – Content Distribution

The PADS4 Server is the main distribution application for all the presentation content. It ensures that your scheduled presentations, and all the files, and all the data that is relevant to the presentation, are delivered to the related display PC, irrespective of where in the world these displays are.

This synchronization process is fully configurable. You can have the process happen as an automatic ongoing series of events, or schedule synchronization to occur at certain times of the day. The  pictures, videos and all other content files are transferred in the background and with minimal network load.

When using real-time data, the Server collects all the required data from all the linked data sources, and distributes the relevant data to the specific Viewer(s). This minimizes the amount of connections to the actual data source.

PADS4 Server Main features

  • Automatic delivery of scheduled presentations to the required Viewers.
  • Configurable Synchronization of all content files with distribution to the required Viewers.
  • Automatic distribution of real-time data to the required Viewers.
  • Data encryption for secure communication.
  • Functions over LAN, WAN, Intranet or Internet.

Where a large number of screens is deployed globally over a large network it be maybe necessary to have additionallocal servers.

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