PADS4 Desktop Communication

PADS4 Desktop – Corporate Communication

With PADS4 Desktop Viewer you have an application that distributes presentations to all PADS4 Desktop licensed computers on the network not just Digital Signage screens. This in effect means that you can send presentations to any or all, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and POS terminals on the network. This allows scheduled content to be distributed to selected devices on request or as a screen-saver. You can have a presentation of critical systems status delivered to the selected people and it will notify or display as a screen-saver on the selected peoples devices. It can deliver targeted messages, newsletters, to specific people or groups of people. With POS terminals it can deliver promotional campaigns to these terminals while customers are not checking out. In this way a POS terminal is delivering valuable information and messaging in its “inactive” state.

The Alert function allows for important urgent message to appear instantly on all employees screens on the network

This application is fully integrated with the other elements of PADS4 and so any presentation can be scheduled for both the standard PADS4 viewers and the Desktop Viewers

PADS4 Desktop Viewer features –

  • Distribute content, newsletters, presentations to your desktops, laptop, tablets, POS terminals.
  • Create an internal information channel by informing employees by notification and screen saver.
  • Controlled distribution by group or individuals.
  • Seamless integration with other PADS applications.
  • Streamline internal communication within your organization.
  • Deliver promotions and messaging to your inactive POS terminals.
  • Alert function for instant, urgent messages.
  • Cost effective solution. A Desktop Viewer License is a fraction of the Full Viewer License.
  • Read Receipts
  • Link PADS to your Microsoft Active Directory and the users will automatically be available in PADS for receiving your messages.

Keep your staff informed and involved the PADS4 Desktop Viewer

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