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With PADS4 Designer you can create Digital Signage presentations with ANY possible content.

Text, Image, Movie and Audio Files, PowerPoint presentations, Macromedia Flash files, PDF, live TV, ticker tapes linked to RSS feeds, HTML and Internet pages are just a small selection of the large amount of content that can be integrated into a PADS Digital Signage presentation.

With the power of the built-in Data-provider PADS4’s database connectivity features the PADS4 Designer allows you to connect any database to you presentations. You will have real time built-in connections to data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, XML, RSS, WMI, your own CMS or any other database to your presentation.

By creating dynamic rules within the Data-provider, you can determine exactly what content will be shown under specified conditions and how it will be displayed.

All pictures, videos and any other content are stored in The PADS4 Content Library and with integrated automatic synchronization this ensures that all your designated users share the same media files. With Active Directory integration and native user permissions you have a secure workflow environment.

If your content choice is not available in the designer tool-set then we have created an Add-on tool that can make it possible to be utilized.

PADS has the tools that will create the presentations and distribute your vital and latest information to your targeted audiences.

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PADS4 Designer Main Features

  • Use ANY content possible.
  • Create presentations with a large collection of elements and tools.
  • Real-time data delivery with powerful database connectivity.
  • Create reactive displays with dynamic rules that create conditional content tasks.
  • Support of interactive presentations and touch screen compatible.
  • Use of Master pages for consistent look and feel layout template.
  • Latest Microsoft Office themed Graphical User Interface for user familiarity.
  • Native data connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, BlueFox, QuiVidi and more
  • Excel and Access data integration built in

PADS4 Designer is the complete template application for your Digital Signage projects

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