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There are many digital signage software solutions available nowadays. However they are not all equal in the type of solution they can deliver. SignIT integrates the award winning PADS4 software from NDS simply because it is versatile enough to be a solution for all types of market and because of it’s unrivalled integration of data into live real-time displays. With PADS4 you will not need any other solution. It simply fits the bill for Retail, POS Terminals, Hospitality, Transport, Workplace Communication, Banking, Wayfinding, Queue Management, Digital Menu Boards, Events and Results……. The One Stop Digital Signage Solution. Recognised in the Daily DOOH as a world top 10 software and used by the top 25 world brands you can be confident that PADS4 is the right choice whatever your digital signage needs.


pads 4 digital signage software designer


pads 4 viewer


pads 4 sheduler


pads 4 server


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