Data Basics

Digital Signage and the use of Databases


Databases are a very powerful tools in the control and provisioning of content for Digital Signage Solutions. The data within them can be displayed in Real-Time or used to create Rules and determine how content is displayed.

A simple example could be in relation to displaying Emergency Notices. If a database has a field that represents the status level of an emergency event then with rules you could create the situation where an evacuation page would be displayed for duration of this alert. You could also say in the rule that all other pages are not to be displayed until the emergency status returned to “normal” and then the display would return to scheduled display. The data acts as a “switch” and the system will react to the status.

Another example might be a database of product prices. These prices are displayed with images of the products. The database has the name and price of the product. We can query the database and say when name = Tomatoes show Tomatoes.jpg. If the price needs to be changed we change the price in the database. You could also connect to your POS database to get this information or export to EXCEL.

PADS Professional allows you to connect to any database with its connection wizard. You can use SQL, EXCEL, ACCESS, or via OLEDB or ODBC connect to any other databases.

How you design your presentation and how you utilise databases is a powerful and creative element of PADS solution for Digital Signage. With RSS and xml connections you can also bring in weather news or any external data to your presentations.