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As integrators of PADS4 software we realise that you need to get the right information to the right people at the right time. PADS4 has all the management systems and high-end digital content design tools to achieve these goals and deliver your display content across all of your signage displays. The Pads4 Digital Signage System is a world leader in integrating external data to digital signage networks of any size. You can use data you have already collected in other applications and display content from these databases in any way you chose. Digital Signage Information is the driving force behind communication channels. Retail, Workplace, Public Information, Educational, Financial or Transport markets, IoT Dashboards need fast, reliable internal communications content delivery of “up to the minute” information. Digital signage content management is a vital element in streamlining and controlling digital content creation. PADS4 comes with its own content management system in the Content Library – a drag and drop digital repository for all media required that is automatically synchronised with all media players across the digital signage network. The quality tools that are required to design, schedule and deliver all types of media and live data is a measure of how sophisticated a digital signage platform application needs to be. Distributing vast amounts of media and data content reliably to multsite or global displays requires a reliable solution. SignIT is a leading provider of the PADS4 digital display software.

Smart Digital Signage Solutions

PADS Digital Signage software by Net Display Systems is an award-winning software used by many of the world’s leading companies as they strive to get the latest information across to their clients, workers and the general public with a rapid, accurate and controlled execution. PADS4 software options make this all possible over a local or global network. Whether you want to deploy one or a thousand screens PADS software has a suitable cost-effective solution.

With Real-Time Dynamic Data Driven Signage you can target the right people with the right information at the right time. Airport departure and arrivals information, educational timetable data, retail advertisements, shopping mall way-finder information, ’critical’ and IoT Dashboard monitoring data displays are all examples of digital signage providing the correct information, to the people that require it, at the very moment they need it. PADS is at the forefront of the ever-increasing need to get information “out there”. It also can allow users to interact and select the information they need with PADS4 interactive digital signage tools.

Typical uses include digital menu boards, travel information boards, IoT dashboards, internal communications, event management, real estate displays, smart retail advertising, flight information, education and eHealth applications….. Pads4 from SignIT provide a one-stop software solution for digital content design and content delivery.

Digital Signage Services

SignIT offers a variety of services from software provider to complete system management, hosting and display design. You can outsource the whole servicing of your projects or keep control of the areas you feel comfortable in resourcing in house. SignIT will provide a flexible package that suits your IT, design, and management resource capability.

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